The Manilatown Heritage Foundation produces a variety of affordable family-friendly programming at the International Hotel Manilatown Center. As a multipurpose gallery that honors the I-Hotel Eviction and Historic Manilatown legacies we stand as  both a museum to these legacies and a community gathering space offering programming relevant to today’s community.

Club Mandalay
Kommunity Kultura
Manilatown Manang

Club Mandalay
Saturday, July 16th at 2pm
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Please join Manilatown as we take “Club Mandalay” on the road to the Clarion Performing Arts Center!

Please join us for an afternoon of live Jazz when Manilaton brings its Club Mandalay show to our San Francisco Chinatown neighbor, the Clarion Performing Arts Center located at 2 Waverly Place.

On Saturday, July 16th at 2pm the I-Hotel’s house jazz band, The Autonomous Region, will be holding itdown with Caroline Cabading on vocals, Raymond Bambao on Bass, Chris Planas on Guitar, Harold Ohashi on Drums and Vince Khoeon Keyboard.

We hope to see you there at this FREE family-friendly event!

Partial funding for Club Mandalay has been provided by the Zoo Labs Fund in partnership with the Center for Cultural Innovation and California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Learn more at and”


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Kommunity Kultura: ilokano culture through language
saturdays at 2pm
july 23rd
July 30th
August 6th
august 13th

Kommunity Kultura is our traditional Philippine music, movement and cultural education program taking place at San Francisco’s International Hotel Manilatown Center. Each of our family-friendly workshops focus on a new topic, are oftentimes hands-on, and are accessible to all ages and levels of ability.

Please join Manilatown for a 4-week “Kommunity Kultura” course on Ilokano Culture through Language!

We will be gathering in person at the International Hotel Manilatown Center to learn about Ilokano language, culture and ancestry!
In this 4-week course taught by Jeffrey Miguel Acido, PhD., we will:
  • Reclaim and reawaken the nakem (soul-consciousness) power that reside in our souls;
  • Learn basic and conversational Ilokano-
  • Share philosophies rooted in Ilokano culture;
  • Explore our Philippine and Filipino-American history.
In our sessions will share stories, experiences and longings of what it means to be Ilokano in the diaspora.
PLEASE NOTE that this will be a 4-week recurring class taking place from 2-4pm on Saturdays
  • July 23rd
  • July 30th
  • August 6th
  • August 13th

The class will be limited to only 15 students so we do ask that you please register for this class only if you are available for all 4 dates.

Please join us for this community event by registering at
Jeffrey Miguel Acido, PhD in Educational Foundation
Jeffrey Acido ImageBorn in the Ilocos and raised in Manila and Hawaii, Jeff received his PhD in Educational Foundation and was a Lecturer and Adjunct Professor in the Indo-Pacific Languages and Literature, Ilokano Program at the University of Hawaii Manoa from 2010-2015. Among the classes he taught were:
  • Multicultural Education
  • Community and Culture
  • Philippine Popular Culture
  • Filipino Food, Music and Ritual
  • Philippine Cultural Mapping of Hawaii
  • Philippine Diasporic Literature

Jeff also taught Diversity and Social Justice and Ethnic Studies at Seattle Central College from 2020-2021 before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area. Most recently Jeff managed the Mental Health and Well-Being program of the Movember Foundation and Prevention Institute in Oakland.

Living in the diaspora Jeff became passionate about (re)claiming his Ilokano language, culture and ancestry. He sought to reclaim his connection to the Ilokano nation by studying Ilokano and immersing himself back to Ilocos. He hopes to grow the spirit and pride of what it means to be Ilokano in the diaspora as he and his wife Debieh raise their 3-year-old daughter Waya to grows up learning and loving to speak in Ilokano.

Partial funding for Kommunity Kultura has been provided by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts.  Learn more at and”


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Manilatown manang

Saturday june 25th at 2pm

Please join Manilatown for a Special Community Preview of “Manilatown Manang” our documentary on
I-Hotel Tenant Defender Jeanette Lazam!

Jeanette Gandiongo Lazam was an original Tenant Defender of the International Hotel during the 1970s. She was one of a handful of young people who purposely moved into the I-Hotel so that they could be actively involved in the defense of the hotel as members of the International Hotel Tenants Association, the leadership of the movement.

She was born in New York and moved to San Francisco while still a teenager and found her way to Manilatown and the I-Hotel when she became involved in progressive Filipino-American politics as a member of the Katipunan ng mga Demokratikong Pilipino (Union of Democratic Filipinos). The “KDP” as it was commonly known, met in the basement of the I-Hotel and it was during this time that she came to be familiar with the I-Hotel anti-eviction protests and the Manilatown community. She became so passionate about the importance of the I-Hotel protests and its elderly tenants that she left the comforts of her middle-class life to live at the SRO as a true comrade in the struggle.

During the night of the Eviction, on August 4th 1977, Jeanette’s job was to be at the side of elder leader Wahat Tampao and to make sure he was safe as the Sheriff’s office broke into the hotel to forcibly evict the tenants. Jeanette and Wahat would be the very last of the tenants to step out of the I-Hotel, as is documented by Curtis Choy’s iconic documentary, “The Fall of the I-Hotel”. And on June 3rd 2021 she would be the last evicted tenant to step back in to claim residency at the new International Hotel Senior Residences.

Jeanette Lazam would go on to be a lifelong human rights activist working for several different human rights organizations within the Anti-Racist, Women’s Rights and Gay & Lesbian Liberation movements and ending her employment career as an Aide to Congresswoman Barbara Lee. She continues to be an active artist, creating new drawings on an almost weekly basis and she continues to be an inspiration to multiple generations of Asian-Americans, as is evidenced by her inclusion on the youth-nominated “Asian Pacific Heroes” mural unveiled in San Francisco’s Chinatown on April 27th 2022.

Please join Manilatown for our latest community-based story, “Manilatown Manang”, a documentary of the life and times of Jeanette Lazam.

Please register on EventBrite at:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to entering the International Hotel Manilatown Center all attendees will have to show proof of full vaccination, have their temperature taken with our forehead scanning thermometer, apply hand sanitizer and put on their face mask.

Partial funding for “Manilatown Manang” has been provided by the San Francisco Arts Commission and partial support for this screening has been provided by the California Arts Council and the Fleishhacker Foundation.

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