The Manilatown Heritage Foundation produces a variety of affordable family-friendly programming at the International Hotel Manilatown Center. As a multipurpose gallery that honors the I-Hotel Eviction and Historic Manilatown legacies we stand as  both a museum to these legacies and a community gathering space offering programming relevant to today’s community. 

Club Mandalay
International Hotel Historic Tours
Kommunity Kultura
Manilatown Movie Time

 I Love the I-Hotel!
Valentine’s Day Club Mandalay
Friday, February 14th at 6pm

Please join us on Valentine’s Day at the Club Mandalay live music PopUp on
Friday, February 14th!

This month we will be featuring Standard Jazz sets starting at 6pm with pianist Jibril Alvarez and continuing on at 7pm with the I-Hotel’s house band The Autonomous Region. Holding it down as usual with vocalist Caroline Cabading will be Raymond Bambao on Bass, Chris Planas on guitar, Vince Khoe on piano and Harold Ohashi on Drums.  This month we also welcome guest musician Carlos Zialcita.

In honor of Valentine’s Day you can also enjoy a Full Evening Tea and Dessert Service! Sister Carmen Monteclaro Choy will be showing her love of Manilatown by preparing a wonderful dessert experience for you of several hot tea selections, mimosas, finger sandwiches and desserts. Club Mandalay is always free for the community, but if you would like to donate to Manilatown why not do so while enjoying a lovely formal tea spread at the same time?

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International Hotel Historic Tours
By Appointment

tourwebDiscover the mystery of San Francisco’s forgotten neighborhood, Manilatown. Witness the merging of time, the past to the present, of San Francisco’s International Hotel. Visit a Filipino-American community gathering space in San Francisco. Share in the history of San Francisco’s rich history. Manilatown Heritage Foundation offers tours for K-12 students, college, adults, and everyone! Bring your class, student group, organization, club and friends to experience the complex history of Manilatown and the International Hotel. $5 donation per person.

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Kommunity Kultura presents Sagayan
Saturday, January 18th at 2pm

Please join us for our next beginning Kommunity Kultura workshop on
Saturday, January 18th at 2pm!

“Kommunity Kultura” is a traditional Philippine music, movement and cultural education program taking place at San Francisco’s International Hotel Manilatown Center once a month on third Saturday afternoons at 2pm. This program emphasizes hands-on instruction on the pre-colonial Philippine cultural traditions. It is a FREE family-friendly program that is accessible to all ages and levels of ability.

This month we will be focusing on the shaman-warrior dance Sagayan and the Tagunggo  musical accompaniment for this dance. 

2pm: Tagunggo Music Workshop with the I-Hotel’s house traditional ensemble Kultura Kapwa
3pm: Beginning Sagayan Dance with Kultura Kapwa’s Patrick Tamayo and Guest Teacher Jonathan Mercado

The Sagayan is one of the ancient dances of different ethnolinguistic groups in Mindanao including the Bwayan, Maguindanaon, Maranao and Iranun. Evidence that proves the age of this dance includes its mention in the epic Darangen, one of the oldest epics in the world. As early as the 11th century, chronicles from Chinese traders already attest it its presence in the coastal areas of Cotabato and its neighboring settlements.

In the Maguindanaon tradition, there are two main types of Sagayan. The Sagayan Dalkat is an exhibition of a dancer’s virtuosity characterized by rapid movements of the head, the hand holding the Klung shield and wooden or metal sword, and the sprinting, jumping and leaping in synchronicity with the kulintang ensemble.

The Sagayan form called Sambuyog a Malna is ritual in nature, performed in the Ipat style whose movements are graceful, calculated and possess certain meanings or Apad. Only those who are well versed can interpret the meanings that are conveyed by the movements of this type of Sagayan because the Sagayan dancers are thought to be in a trance, possessed by spirits or tinunungan.

Sagayan is not just a war dance as some scholars would reduce it to. It symbolically represents the slaying of evil, a purification of the inner self and the environment in which man exists. A Sagayan dancer is always placed at the start of a  procession, not in the middle, because the act of sword playing and noise making of the Klung’s shells and bells wards off evil spirits.

Source: Teng Mangansakan

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Manilatown Movie Time presents PUROK 7
Sunday, February 9th at 2pm

The Manilatown Heritage Foundation, in partnership with FACINE is proud to present Manilatown Movie Time a series of specially programmed Filipino film screenings and community discussions.

Hosted by Carlos Zialcita, Manilatown Movie Time is designed to showcase Philippine and Filipino-American related movies, filmmakers, actors and crews, infusing their art and insight into our vibrant, diverse community through film. Each Manilatown Movie Time screening will also feature the following:

  • A  community discussion led by Co-Programmers Ethnic Studies Professor Oscar Penaranda and Mauro Tumbocon, Founder and Artistic Director of the San Francisco Filipino American Film Festival (FACINE).  
  • A presentation on the importance of Filipino Films in the Filipino-American Community.
  • Future Meet & Greets with Actors, Directors, Cinematographers, and Filipino movie enthusiasts.

Please join us for our next Manilatown Movie Time on
Sunday, February 9th at 2pm

Directed by Carlo Obispo, PUROK 7 was shot in the director’s hometown in Tarlac, and depicts the way of rural life and how A small community comes to terms with the modern world. In this impoverished little community live two siblings, 14-year-old Diana (Krystle Valentino) and younger brother, Julian (Miggs Cuaderno), whose mother works in China as a domestic helper. The absence of their mother prompts their father, Ogie (Arnold Reyes), to live in with a woman (Angeli Bayani) in the more populated part of the purok. Now building his second family, Ogie detaches himself from Diana and Julian. The two are left to live on their own in their small hut that stands alone in the middle of the fields. Amidst this difficult situation, Diana and Julian still see the world through the eyes of children: they still manage to laugh, have fun, and in Diana’s case, feel puppy love with the arrival of Jeremy (Julian Trono), her childhood friend, who arrives for a short vacation. The siblings deal with their deteriorating relationship with their father, their adjustment to their father’s mistress, and the struggle to remain hopeful after their mother is wrongfully accused of a crime she did not commit and is given a death sentence in a foreign land. But amidst all these trials, it effectively shows the inherent human compassion and the genuine concern for one’s fellow human beings, which is common among people in rural areas.

Obispo won the Spirit Award at the 2015 ASEAN International Film Festival for Best Director. The film also received the Best Film award at the 2014 Lucas International Festival of Films for Children and Young People. This heartfelt film also tackles the current plight of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) and raises social awareness about their situations.

Following the screening will be a Community Discussion led by Oscar Peñaranda and Mauro Tumbocon.

$10 General Admission
$5 for Seniors and Students
Beverages and Snacks available at the Manilatown Sari-Sari Store along with Manilatown merchandise. All proceeds go towards the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, a 501 (3)C non-profit organization. 

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