Choy, Carmen

Klick on a Brick Story

When I was born, my family managed an SRO hotel called the French Hotel, which was the little sister of the International Hotelβ€”2 blocks away. At the same time, my father Esteban Monteclaro owned the P.I. Cafe which was a diner that served Filipino food, all the exotic dancers from Broadway Street ate breakfast and lunch there. I met Carol Doda through my father when I worked there as a cashier. I was 4 years old. Finally went to kindergarten two blocks away at Jean Parker Elementary School, a block before the Broadway tunnel. My parents sent us to Catechism at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church on Vallejo Street and Columbus Avenue. I still hang out with my catechism classmates, with friends I’ve had for over 50 years. Even to this day, I hang out with another friend of 55 years, a gal who lived at the Chinatown projects and I still have friends from the North Beach projects as well.