San Francisco’s Shame and Triumph: Remembering the I-Hotel

August 5, 2014
Joe Fizgerald Rodiguez, San Francisco Bay Guardian

San Franciscans today may be tempted to feel we’re unique in our struggles with evictions and displacement, but one need not look far back to see rental struggles woven into our history. Yesterday the Manilatown Heritage Foundation celebrated the anniversary of the fall of the International Hotel, a mass eviction etched in the psyche of San Francisco.
The International Hotel, on Kearny street, was home to Filipino and some Chinese seniors, the last vestige of the Filipino community known as Manilatown. In 1968, the I-Hotel’s 196 tenants were served an eviction notice: the hotel was to come down, and a parking garage to come up. Much like today, the tenants fought back and resisted eviction, a years-long battle that lasted until August 4, 1977. After the sun went down, the police stormed the I-Hotel. [more]

I-Hotel commemorates 37th year of the eviction of elders and sheds light on the current SF housing crisis

August 4, 2014
San Francisco Examiner

005Advocates and tenants gathered at the I-Hotel on Kearny Street Monday, August 4 to commemorate the 37th anniversary of evictions of elder tenants at the I-Hotel in 1977. Groups such as Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Senior and Disability Action, Bill Sorro Housing Project, San Francisco Tenants Union and Eviction Free San Francisco also joined in on the commemoration to shed light on the current housing crisis and Ellis Act evictions happening in San Francisco. [more]

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