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I-Hotel Speaks presents
Launching Point: The Photographs of Tony Remington

Artist Statement: From 1977 to 1981 I worked with Al Robles, during the post-Manilatown era. I worked as an unskilled laborer, helping in post-Manilatown’s kitchen, delivering meals to home-bound seniors and occasionally as a senior escort. I used to joke with Al, asking questions I didn’t expect answers to.

       “What’s going to change the world?” I asked.
        Without hesitation and very seriously Al responded, “Artists!”
       “What is fine art?” I asked.
        Again without hesitation “The Manongs!”

Reflecting on those days, the legend of Al Robles . . . I was recently struck by this quote from The Golden Age of Zen, by John C.H. Wu. He translated  the Two Fold Path, Bodhidharma’s only writing. Where the wall gazing sage of Ch’an Buddhism pointed out his second approach to the Tao and Truth, point number four in Bodidharma’s By Way of Conduct – The Rule of Accord with Dharma:

“As there is no shadow of pusillanimity in the whole body of the Dharma, so the 
 wise are ever ready to put their body, life, and property at the service of charity, 
 never ceasing to be generous and gracious.”

As I read that I immediately thought of Al.

In a conversation with Caroline Cabading, she pointed out, “. . . the arrival of the 1920s Manong generation was the launching point from which Filipino Americans were able to soar in this country. Everything that we have accomplished we owe to this first major immigration wave.”

With humility I exhibit my work, as there are many more deserving. My only pretense is to dissolve into the anonymity of an evolving collective consciousness. That would be enough, from “launching point” an abundance of new beginnings for us all.

Please Click Here to view Launching Point: The Photographs of Tony Remington.

I-Hotel Speaks presents
Manong Al Robles’ Happy 75th B-Day

I-Hotel Speaks remembers our beloved Manongs Al Robles and Bill Sorro at Uncle Al’s 75th Birthday Celebration in the basement of the Mint Mall. Please Click here to view Manong Al Robles’ Happy 75th B-Day. Maybe you were even in this fun video? Current Manilatown Heritage Foundation Board Members Tony, Caroline and Carmen were surprised to find themselves in it . . . before we even knew each other!

I-Hotel Speaks presents
Legacy: The Photographs of Chris Fujimoto

Chris Fujimoto was a Kearny Street Workshop photographer who worked closely with Manilatown Activist and Poet Al Robles to photograph in particular the tenants of the Manilatown/Chinatown SROs.  Chris began taking his photographs in 1971 in the social documentary style.  The MHF Archive collection is composed of pre-eviction, eviction and post-eviction images. Photos include rallies in front of the International Hotel, Manong Wahat Tampao, marches through Chinatown, fundraising events, the party before the closing of the St. Paul Hotel, the party before the closing of the Luck “M” Pool Hall, and Al Robles with Manong Ted Daluyot at St. Paul Hotel. There are also images of the demonstrators locked arm-in-arm and six layers deep in front of the Kearny Street Workshop. Click here to view Legacy: The Photographs of Chris Fujimoto.