About Us

Mission, Vision and Values:

logosymThe mission of Manilatown Heritage Foundation is to promote social and economic justice for Filipinos in the United States by preserving our history, advocating for equal access, and advancing our arts and culture.

In solidarity with Filipino and other community service organizations, we envision an inspired and self-sustaining Manilatown Heritage Foundation that effectively and creatively enhances the Filipino community’s capacity to shape social, political and economic policies. Our community will be one that has equitable access to resources and opportunities, as well as pride in our culture, history and traditions.

imagesWe subscribe to democratic and liberating values as follows:

  • Bridging cultures and generations
  • Encouraging critical conversations within our community
  • Building community across generations by fostering cultural roots grounded in history and guided by love of community
  • Maintaining organizational integrity and respect

Manilatown Heritage Foundation Board of Directors:

Board President:
Tony Robles

Vice President & Interim Executive Director:
Caroline Cabading

Desu Sorro

Board Members:
Carmencita Monteclaro Choy
Carlos Zialcita