Ifugao Cultural Immersion on April 3rd!

Let us celebrate the many projects honoring our indigenous roots and bridging our lives today!


Resurrecting Ifugao Beleh & Celebrating Our Indigenous Roots with Lagitan Mamerto Tindogan & Natividad Delson

Sunday, April 3rd at 1pm

New Beginnings Flyer-1

  • WATCH newly released videos of Ifugao Beleh coming alive; filmed & produced by Nicanor Evangelista (www.BridgingHomes.com)

  • LEARN more about the intensive research of the Ifugao and Hanunuo tribes of the Philippines by the recently deceased, world renowned, Professor Harold Conklin presented by his eldest son, Dr. Bruce Conklin

  • EXPERIENCE the Ifugao Beleh and Learn about its Sacred Geometry

  • JOURNEY to Connect with Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and Allies

  • STORIES of Filipino-Americans Remembering and Re-Connecting with their Roots

  • WRITING: Kristian Kabuay, Baybayin practitioner talking about the value and finding passion in prePhilippine traditions

  • MUSIC & ART: Nicanor Evangelista, Diane Valencia and Marybelle Bustos sharing Kulintang and Indigenous Art experiences, and Titania Buchholdt bridging Indigenous music

  • MOVEMENT: Dancing Ifugao Dance

  • FUN: Playing bawwots (traditional handcarved wooden spinning tops)

  • FOOD: Please bring a dish or non-alcoholic drink that represents your family heritage for the community meal

  • and MORE!!!

Abundance Exchange: Suggested $40 or more (No one turned away for financial reasons) 

Please register at: www.baylanmegino.com/bridging-new-beginnings

Funds will support the Ifugao Beleh (www.BridgingHomes.com) and Nati & Mamerto’s travel to the 3rd International Babaylan Conference (www.babaylan.net/events/2016-third-international-babaylan-conference)

Mamerto “Lagitan” Tindongan
Mamerto Tindongan Mumbaki Laughing SideviewLagitan is an eighth generation, Ifugao mumbaki (shaman) from the Philippines currently living in Ohio. He practices several healing modalities from different areas of the world that is steeped in Ifugao, Q’ero (Peruvian), and Native American healing traditions. Lagitan also brings his experience and connection with Spirit and the Elements of Nature through Qi Gong and and Tai Chi and as a Professional Wood Carver . (www.bridginghomes.com/bio.html)

Natividad “Nati” Delson
2014.08 ND w Pawpaw FruitNati is a​n Integrative Wholistic Facilitator and Educator. She bridges body, mind, heart, energetic and spirit through her work supporting others to reclaim their Wholeness. Her broad competencies are enhanced by her connections and initiation with her own indigenous heritage from the Mountain Province, Philippines; completion of commitments as a Sun Dancer and Spirit Dancer in the Lakota tradition; ​Laika (​Earth Keeper​)​ initiation in the Q’ero tradition​. (www.facebook.com/abundant.lifespring/?fref=ts)