The Day of Al Robles’ Birthday 2016

For your appreciation on this 16th day of February, please listen to Jack Hirschman’s audio presentation commemorating the birthday of Manilatown’s own Al Robles.  Beloved Poet Activist and Defender of the International Hotel, Manong Al was born on February 16, 1930.


The Day of Al’s Birthday 2016: Jack Hirschman, a friend of Al’s and many other people in the I Hotel struggle, is this years poet for Al’s Birthday. Today he is sharing his phone recording of Kasama, the poem he wrote for him. Oscar Peñaranda worked on the translation in the Philippines and Tony Remington, who was there with Oscar, came back and recorded the guitar music you will hear today.

The Phone Poetry is another way we are blowing the poems around of those creative people who love and honor Brother Al Robles.