Only 7 Days Left to Grab a Shirt and Support MHF!

black_tiger_hoodie_frontThe Manilatown Heritage Foundation needs your help to keep two terrific I-Hotel Manilatown Center programs available to the community by donating to our Booster crowd funding campaigns.

Kommunity Kulintang is one of our Arts & Culture programs, focusing on the ancient pre-colonial gong music tradition of the Southern Philippines.  Klick on a Brick will be launching in December 2014 as our Storytelling and Creative Writing program.

The Tiger Logo Shirt is our Thank You Gift to you for supporting these very special programs. Originally used in the 1970s as a symbol of community solidarity around the International Hotel Eviction Protest, we are bringing back this beloved iconic symbol not only to thank you for your support but to also celebrate our home, the International Hotel Manilatown Center.

To support our Kommunity Kulintang traditional arts program and receive a white Tiger Logo shirt, please visit our Booster campaign here:
To support our Klick on a Brick storytelling program and receive a black Tiger Logo hoodie, please visit our Booster campaign here: